September 2017

Attending – John B. (host), Andrew, Phil, Paul C., Geoff, Al, Steve, Mead, Tim, Gerald S., Scott, and Dan.

Club Business

1. Reminder of upcoming events & meetings:

* September 30th (2:00pm) – Oktobrewfest
* October 23rd (7:00pm) – Monthly Meeting at Gravel Bottom

2. Welcome to the 2017-18 Board. Prez – Phil, VP – Jake, Treas. – Andrew.

3. Announcement of 2017 Beer City Club Competition. Entries due by 11/17. Judging on 11/18. Register at Reggie Beer. Last chance to qualify for the 2018 Beer City Pro-Am!

4. Oktobrewfest needs more beer entries and food! This is a great party put on by Jeremy Gavin and friends. Find all of the details here –

5. Proposal to establish one club event for each quarter. Currently we have the Chili Cookoff in the winter, but the rest are open as there will be no fall Brew ‘N Que for the foreseeable future. Current ideas are:

* Spring – Group Brew in order to fill club bar taps at Big Brew Day in early May.
* Summer – Piggyback on the Pro-Am picnic? Assuming this continues, the 2017 event was a lot of fun.
* Fall – Replacement for Brew ‘N Que? Need ideas.

6. Other ideas?

* A few have expressed interest in more club competitions. Perhaps a scaled down version of something similar to the 2016 Homebrew League? Would require a decent amount of participation to be successful and someone to organize it.

7. Apparel order…yes.

Beers & Cider Sampled

Paul C. – Cream Ale, smooth and highly drinkable, slightly elevated fruitiness and perhaps a touch dark for the style.

John B. – NZ style Pils, Nelson Sauvin hops, WY2000 Budvar, crazy delicious.

Steve – Bourbon Barrel Aged Heirloom Cider, Sietsema juice, 457th use barrel, almost no oak, but otherwise very tasty.

Andrew – Table Saison, pils/wheat/oats, Yeast Bay Saison Blend II, wonderful complexity in an easy drinking style.

Dan – NEIPA, WY1318, Mosaic, Centennial, Simcoe, Galaxy, excellent hop aroma and flavor, a bit more pine and/or dank than in other examples, perhaps a touch too bitter.

Scott – Belgian IPA, WLP550 (Achouffe, aka WY3522 Ardennes), good balance of Belgian yeast character and hops.

Phil – Pool Juice, dry hopped Berliner w/ grapefruit, super easy recipe.

Gerald S. – Porter and variants (coffee, cacao nibs, blueberry), first all grain batch!, excellent sanitation and bottle conditioning!, base porter recipe was tasty although a bit too bitter, variants were interesting to try, but on the subtle side.

Paul C. – Schwarzbier, WLP810 (SF Lager), fermented in mid-60s, excellent coffee/chocolate-like aroma!, would be even better with a crisper finish.

Mead – Bourbon/Oaked Imperial Stout, 2 oak spirals & ~13 oz. bourbon for 6 gal., aged about 9 months, but still quite oak forward, otherwise solid.

Geoff – Whiskey Barrel Aged Porter, 2/3 Baltic Porter, 1/3 Founders Porter clone, notes of dark fruit (possibly from warm-ish ferm. of Baltic), vanilla, nice barrel character (Gray Skies).

John B. – Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad, brewed with Trevor & Craig, homemade date/fig extract added, hoooooooooly smokes, fantastic way to cap off the night.

Foosball Champs – Steve & Phil!!!!!! In your face John & Al!