October 2017

Attending – Nick Rod. (host/bartender), Mike, Al, Geoff, David, Liz, Phil, Too Tall, Chad U., Jeremy, Trevor, Paul C., Mead, Craig, Andrew, Joe, Tiffany, and Jeff. Big thanks to Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery & Supply for hosting us!

Club Business

1. Reminder of upcoming events & meetings:

* November 4th (11:00am) – AHA Learn to Brew Day at Gravel Bottom
* November 16th (7:00pm) – Monthly Meeting at City Built
* November 17th – last day to submit entries for the 2017 Beer City Club Competition
* November 18th – 2017 Beer City Club Competition judging at Thornapple
* February 17th (1:00pm) – Brewsquitos & Friends Chili Cook Off 2018
* July 21st – Summer Party at Uzarski’s

Beers & Prison Wine Sampled

Andrew – Dry hopped Lager, 3.2% abv, inspired by Perrin’s Q-Stew, Citra & Mosaic cryohops.

Jeremy – Schwarzbier, first dark lager, brewed for PTB September club competition – Dark European Lager, didn’t win.

Too Tall – American Pale Ale, Topaz, Galaxy & Citra hops.

Geoff – NEIPA, Galaxy, Citra & Mosaic hops, yum.

Joe – NEIPA, Galaxy, Citra & Mosaic hops, double yum.

David – Wedding CuvĂ©e, blend of Pale Ale w/ Citra hops (CPR) and IPA w/ Amarillo & Simcoe hops (GFIPA) which David brewed for his son’s wedding.

Al – Wheat IPA & Belgian IPA, Idaho 7 & Citra cryohops, split batch with half fermented with S-04 and half with BE-256 (Fermentis Abbaye).

Phil – IPA, 20% Oat Malt, Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, Citra & Mosaic hops.

Chad U. – Coco Stout, chocolate malt & Pilot’s PB Toast malt, originally an extract recipe, tried to replicate a few times all grain, ended up switching back to extract.

Paul C. – Milk Chocolate Porter.

Craig – Baltic Porter, Brewing Classic Styles recipe.

Mead – Pineapple Wheat, split batch with half using 4 lb. of frozen pineapple for 5 gal. and half using a homemade pineapple extract.

Trevor – Berliner Weissbier with blackberries.

Chad U. – Tart Cherry Kettle Sour.

Phiz – Cherry Baby, Saison base with house culture & tart cherries in secondary (~2 lb./gal.).

Paul C. – Lemon Wine, aka Skeeter Pee, ~9% abv.

Nick Rod. – BBA Maple Imperial Stout, BCBS recipe in a Journeyman Distillery bourbon barrel with Beanilla natural maple flavoring added.