October 2015

Attending – Jim, Phil, Nick R., Kathy, Chris, Jeremy G., Jason D., Chad B., David, Steve, guests Nick Roe., Jeff, and host Andy

Host Introduction

Once again, Andy at Sietsema Orchards & Cider Mill was a fantastic host!

Club Business

1. Reminder of upcoming events & meetings:

* November 4th (5:30pm) – Happy Hour at Founders
* November 7th (10:00am) – Learn to Homebrew Day at Gravel Bottom
* November 10th (7:00pm) – Monthly Meeting at Rockford Brewing Company

2. Jeff C. recommends checking out the book Apples to Cider by April White and Steve Wood.

Beers & Ciders Sampled

Jeremy G. – Light Lager double batch, both with Weyermann Floor-malted Bohemian Dark Malt, both single hopped with El Dorado, first used single infusion mash at 148F and a 60 min. boil, second used double decoction mash with 90 min. boil.

Nick R. – Session IPA, 1.042 -> 1.016, 3.5% abv, DME with wheat, oats, english caramalt, and lactose, Citra, Amarillo, and Mandarina Bavaria hops, with grapefruit peel and juice.

Nick R. – Wet-hopped/Harvest Ale, 6.8% abv, Southern Cross & Pacific Gem hops grown at home.

Jeff C. – Spruce tip Cider, Hill Bros. juice, simmered 8 oz. tips w/ water and added to juice prior to ferment, slight backsweeten, made extract with additional tips and added at bottling.

Steve – Bourbon barrel Cider, Klein Orchards juice, 9 months in 4th or 5th use barrel.

Jim – CPR, 3 oz. total Citra.

Kathy – Schwarzbier, her 1st lager.

Kathy – Maple Pecan Porter, aged in maple bourbon barrel.

Chad B. – 2014 Belgian Golden Strong.

PhilKettle Sour with Amarillo dry hop & grapefruit peel, no boil, no hops on hot side.

Steve – Imperial Stout with coffee & chocolate.

David – Wee Heavy, 0.5 lb. smoked malt by Chad B., WY1728.

Kathy – Cyser, Hill Bros. juice.