November 2015

Attending – Tim, Chris D., David, Nick Rod., Jason, Chad D., Chad B., Phil, Mead, Jeremy G., Kathy, Chad U., and Jim. New members(!) Kris V. and Nick Roe. Also guests/potential new members Paul, Craig, Lance, John, Gerrid, and Matt

Club Business

1. Reminder of upcoming events & meetings:

* December 3rd (5:15pm) – Happy Hour at Harmony Hall
* December 17th (7:00pm) – Monthly Meeting at Ken & Bri’s

2. SMaSH Beer Club Competition! Bottle turn in on February 29th, 2016. Initial details and ground rules can be found in the post here –

3. Club bar is now completely outfitted with all keg disconnects (including support for up to 5 pin-lock kegs) and two dedicated 5 lb. C02 tanks. This purchase was made possible after the 2015 Dead End Brew and Que where PitStop Catering‘s (and neighbor of Steve) Matt Smith donated all of the collected proceeds to our club. As a small gesture back toward Matt, the club awarded Matt an honorary club membership and t-shirt. Big thanks again to Matt & PitStop Catering.

4. Big thanks to Roger at Riverside Liquors for donating a selection of 2013 Yakima hops to the club!

Beers & Ciders Sampled

Nick R. – Sampling of two beers from Nick & David Curtis’s (Bell’s Brewery) post-boil hopping experiment (with support from the AHA’s Research & Education Fund and Bell’s Brewery lab & sensory panel). Both beers were exactly the same except for the time that the hops were added. Beer #1 had hops added with 10 minutes remaining in the boil and was then chilled immediately. This beer was measured by Bell’s lab to have 48 IBUs. Beer #2 had no hops added during the boil, but instead added at flameout for a 30 minute hop stand (prior to chilling). This beer was measured by Bell’s lab to have 50 IBUs. From a quick poll of club members, there was nearly an equal split, but a slight edge to Beer #1 having more perceived bitterness. Almost all members felt that Beer #2 had more hop flavor and aroma. Overall, this was a very cool experiment that should give homebrewers a better idea of what to expect from hops added late in the boil and post-boil, or in the whirlpool. Look for the full detailed report in an upcoming issue of Zymurgy Magazine.

John – 2015 Cider, Indian Summer juice with dextrose and white wine juice added.

Chris D. – 2015 Cider, Sietsema’s juice fermented with US-05.

Chris D. – 2015 Cider, Sietsema’s juice with orange blossom honey added and fermented with Premier Cuvee.

Mead – Marzen.

Chad D. – Saison.

Nick R. – Dry hopped Gose for Bell’s Homebrew Comp. (finished 2nd overall!).

Jeremy G. – Biere de Garde.

Chad D. – Harvest Ale.

David – Tangerine Rye for Bell’s Homebrew Comp.

Chad D. – Peach IPA for Bell’s Homebrew Comp.

Chad B. – Smoked Porter (home-smoked malt).