March 2015

Attending – Mike Z., Nick K., Liz, Jeremy G., Chad U., Chad D., Jim, Ken, Bri, Nick R., Tim, Kathy, David, Al, Phil, Chad B., and new member Jason D.

Hosts – Ken & Bri in BFE. Thanks for the great space and accommodations, guys!

Club Business

1. Reminder of upcoming events & meetings:

* May 2nd (butt crack of dawn) – 3rd Annual Siciliano’s Big Brew at the Calder
* May 7th (5:30pm) – May Happy Hour
* May 16th (12:00pm) – 12th Annual Siciliano’s Homebrew Party (note: get your tix now!)
* May 19th (7:00pm) – May Monthly Meeting at RBC

2. Congrats to El Presidente, Nick R., for having 3 of his 4 beers submitted to NHC move on to the finals! In the Austin region he placed 1st in Category 18 with a Belgian Golden Strong, 3rd in Category 19 with an American Barleywine, and 3rd in Category 22 with a KBS inspired beer. Hopefully Nick can close the medal count gap on local celebrity, Jeff C.

3. Congrats to Matt O. for 2nd place in Category 5 in the Chicago regional for his Eisbock! Check the February meeting recap for notes on this delicious beer.

Beers, Ciders, and Mead Sampled

Jeremy G. – Pils, single infusion mash, no water adjustments, all Perle hops, WY2308 Munich Lager, 60-62F primary then lowered to lager temps.

Ar – Floral & noble hop aroma, clean, light grain, light fruitiness
Ap – Deep gold
F – Clean, light grain, floral and noble hops, slightly sharp…may smooth out with additional conditioning
M – Light body, good carb
O – Nice, dry Pils. “Slightly low hop character” – Nick R.

Nick R. – Pils, decoction mash (45@144F->30@150F->15@160F), Avangard malt, German Magnum hops for bittering, Tettnang and Saaz for flavor/aroma, WY2402 Danish Lager, pitch at 44F -> 46F for 1 day -> 48F for days 2-5 -> 60-68F for diacetyl rest -> lager.

Ar – Light grain, low to medium floral and noble hop aroma
Ap – Light gold
F – Nice bitterness, floral and noble hops, “excellent malt flavor for such a light beer”
M – Very crisp and dry
O – Nice traditional Pils, but most prefer a more elevated hop character

Jim – Dry Cider, Earth First Farms organic apples, WLP002 English Ale, FG 0.999.

Ar – Sweet apple
Ap – Light gold
F – Crisp apple, perhaps very a slight Brettanomyces character
M – Medium, crisp, dry
O – Very nice dry cider

Mike Z. – Dry Cider, 2014 Sietsema cider blend (5 varieties), FG 0.996, only 2.5 months old.

Ar – Intoxicating fresh apple
Ap – Light gold
F – Amazing upfront apple sweetness with bone dry finish, good level of tartness
M – Dry, very dry
O – Wow! For a 2 month old cider, this was excellent

David – Spontaneously fermented Cider, froze over winter.

Ar – Sulfur bomb!, vineous
Ap – Hazy gold
F – Good apple flavor, sulfur
M – Crisp, dry
O – Sulfur aroma/flavor detracts, but otherwise tasty (DT recommends bubbling C02 through by hooking gas line up to liquid out post in order to scrub out some of the sulfur, David reported back that this definitely helped!)

Kathy – Cider, 2014 Hill Bros cider blend, Red Star Côte des Blancs, two variations – one straight and the second with Montmorency cherry concentrate.

Ar – Green apple
Ap – Very light straw color, still/no carb
F – Fresh apple, slightly sweeter than other examples
M – Lt/med

Nick R. – Cider, 2014 Hill Bros cider blend, Red Star Premier Cuvée, FG 0.998, backsweetened to 1.004, 20g malic acid, Nelson Sauvin/Galaxy/Amarillo/Mosaic dry hop (3.3 oz. in 5 gal.).

Ar – Mosaic forward (cat pee apparent for some)
Ap – Very light straw color
F – Fresh apple with firm tartness
M – Slightly chalky with lingering tartness
O – Acidity reduces complexity, “Hoppiest cider I’ve ever tasted”

Phiz – Peach Baby IV (2014), well received, yum!

Chad U. – Javilla (blonde ale with coffee and vanilla beans, 3/4 lb. whole bean coffee & 3 vanilla beans sunk in bag for 6 hrs. in cold, kegged beer, “Coffee’s bumpin'”, “Damn, aroma is just like fresh brewed coffee with french vanilla creme, “Great beer, fun and just makes me smile”.

Chad D. – IPA featuring Conan yeast strain, Citra & Centennial hops, “Juicy”.

Chad B. – Double Black Rye IPA, “Is there Tomahawk in this? I like it.”

Al – IPA, started at 6.8% accidentally froze off a gallon so now 8.8%, bigger malt and lower hop character than typical, more in the old/strong ale territory.

Kathy – Full Moon Beam, WY3463 Forbidden Fruit, nice honey character.

Tim – Butterscotch Porter, bottled January 2014, “dark sugar/candy flavor”, “raisins”, “vineous”.

Nick K. – Imperial Stout

Jim – Mead with organic Black Mission figs.