June 2015

Attending – Mead, Chris, David, Jason D., Tim, Chad U., Jeremy G., Mike Z., Nick R., Phil, Kathy, and guest/host Susan

Host Introduction

A big thank you to David and Susan for the great space and hospitality. The homemade snack selection, including 2 varieties of chex mix and another snack mix, was flavorful and provided a good base for sharing a few beverages. If you’re ever curious about some of David’s recipes, make sure to check out the WhatsCookingGR group.

Club Business

1. Reminder of upcoming events & meetings:

* July 9th (5:30pm) – Happy Hour at Hideout Brewing Co
* July 23rd (6:30pm) – Monthly Meeting at Jeremy’s Fabulous Frenchie Farm The Rodfather’s

2. Apparel order – Phil checking with company that we previously ordered from, updates at next meeting.

3. Bar & Jockey Box – A few remaining bits will be purchased to have the bar completely outfitted. Voted to go ahead with the jockey box assembly, updates at next meeting.

4. Club collaboration with Gravel Bottom Brewery sometime this Fall! Details are still being worked out. Check out the beers were considering and give your vote here.

Beers Sampled

Chad U. – Tweaked Calder Red (inspired by Big Red Coq) brewed with Chad B. & Kathy at the 2015 Siciliano’s Big Brew Day, WY3522 Belgian Ardennes (slurry from Vivant), 2 lb. honey, lots of Citra in boil & big dry hop. Very nice!

Mike Z. – Calder Red brewed with Matt O., a small amount of extra malt added to Siciliano’s recipe, only Pekko hops (formerly ADHA 871), but hopping rates used in the recipe keep the character somewhat restrained.

Nick R. – Calder Red DIPA brewed with Phil & Chad D., lots of extra hops and malt, pitched both US-05 and Vermont Ale in primary, big Amarillo & Citra dry hop.

Phil – Calder Red DIPA, same as Nick’s beer but dry hopped with Amarillo & Galaxy.

Mead – Imperial Red IPA, 112 ibu, 2 oz. Simcoe dry hop.

Jason D. – Citra IPA, low-ish hopping rates but still very aromatic. Excellent beer!

Nick R. – Golden Rye Tripel w/ Kumquats, “Too much kum; not enough twat”.

Jeremy G. – Eisbock, established Dopplebock recipe that was freeze concentrated (on purpose!).

Jason D. – Rye IPA, Munton’s gold yeast.

Mead – Schwarzbier (Black Lager)

David – Milk Stout, recipe from Ken who typically brews as a 10 gal. batch, scaled to 5 gal. but forgot to reduce lactose addition, ended up being ~12% of malt bill. Was not overly sweet at all and had great full body. Takeaway is that using more lactose than typically recommended can yield very nice results!

DavidCreature Comforts Athena (Berliner Weisse)

Nick R.New Belgium Hop Tart

TimOmmegang Cooperstown Blonde

DavidOrpheus Brewing Atlanta (Tart Plum Saison)

DavidSweetWater Hop Hash DIPA

Kathy – Maple Bourbon Barrel Stout