July 2015

Attending – Chad D., David, Steve, Nick R., Mead, Chad U., Mike Z., Liz, Phil, Nick K., Matt O., Al, Jim, Chad B., and guests Brendan, Dave, Gerrid, and Nicole

Host Introduction

Cheers to Nick & Nicole R. for a nice setting in their garage and providing a tasty spread of burgers, brats, salad, and tater tots! You guys are awesome!

In an attempt to one-up the hosts, Chad B. brought a mouthwatering variety of home-smoked cheeses. Chad, you are also awesome!

Club Business

1. Reminder of upcoming events & meetings:

* August 20th (6:30pm) – Monthly Meeting at Thunderhome
* August 22nd (9:00am) – New Holland Homebrewers United at New Holland Brewing Co. – Production Campus
* September 2nd (5:30pm) – Happy Hour at The Mitten Brewing Co.

2. I believe I speak for the club in expressing the utmost gratitude to outgoing Club President, Nick R. Club membership, involvement, and resources have all sky rocketed under Nick’s leadership. While he’ll be missed at the top, we can all be assured that Nick will continue to bring well researched knowledge and expertise to the club. Also, as he briefly mentioned at the meeting, be on the lookout in Zymurgy magazine for his recently approved research project. With help from the AHA’s Research & Education Fund, as well as Bell’s Brewery’s David Curtis (and laboratory), Nick’s project will attempt to provide objective data and sensory panel feedback for hop stand/whirlpool hop additions. Thanks for everything, Nick!

3. Congratulations and thanks in advance to our 2015-16 Officers! President – David, Vice President – Chad B, Secretary – Steve.

4. Apparel order information coming very, very soon. Nailing down a few questions with the screen printer. Expect an email with a link to an order form by 8/28.

5. Two tap jockey box is assembled and available. Details coming soon on how to reserve it for your events. There will be a charge to replace the beverage lines if it is not cleaned after use. A second two tap box was purchased on the side by a few members. If you anticipate needing more than two taps (or if the club box is already in use), please contact Nick R. or Phil to arrange rental (with modest fee to help cover costs).

Beers & Cider Sampled

Nick R. – Dry hopped Gose w/ orange peel, 100% DME, 1.045 OG, sour worting (aka kettle souring) method, 8 gm/gal. salt, “Very tasty, but the salt is slightly too forward”, brewer notes that he’d likely back down to ~4 gm./gal of salt for next version.

David – CPR (Citra Pale Ale w/ flaked rice) recipe from Jim, bumped up to ~6% abv.

Nick R. – Apricot Berliner Weisse, 100% DME, 1.034 OG, 8 lb. apricots in secondary (washed, pitted, quartered, froze) for 5 gal., ~1 oz. apricot extract at packaging.

Chad B. – Hibiscus Cider, Brewferm Blanche yeast, Old Orchard concentrate (from bulk).

Mead – Summer Wheat, coriander & orange peel, small amount of peach extract, “Fairly hoppy, firm bitterness”.

Nick R. – Session IPA, 73% 2-row, 19% Crisp Caramalt, 8% torrified wheat, 1.048 OG, 1.015 FG, 4.3% abv, 15 oz. total hops, Conan yeast.

Steve – Calder Red, unchanged from Siciliano’s recipe aside from dry hop which included homegrown Cascade, Centennial, and Columbus.

*Impromptu Spruce Beer Side-by-side-by-side-by-side*

Chad B. – Spruce Amber, 1 lb. spruce tips added at 60 min., spruce level = whoa, 23.1% of popular vote.

Al – Spruce Pale, 10 gal. batch, 1 oz. Warrior at 60 min, 1 lb. spruce tips at 30 min, 1 lb. spruce tips at 10 min, dry hopped with Chinook and Simcoe, spruce level = Whoa!, 53.8% of popular vote.

Chad D. – Spruce IPA, 6 cups spruce tips for 60 min., spruce level = Whoa, 7.7% of popular vote.

Mike Z.Short’s Spruce Pils, about 1/3 of the group did not like the beer at all, spruce level = WHOA!!!, 15.4% of popular vote.

Matt. O. – Pale Ale, 80% 2-row, 20% Cara 8, handful of debittered black malt, 1.056 OG, 1.009 FG, 6.2% abv, WLP001, “Stone fruit notes”.

Nick K. – Split batch Saisons, mostly Pils malt with a little beet sugar, 1.053 OG, 22 IBU, fermentation for each was roughly the same – pitch at 71/72F and rise to 78F gradually over a week

1. Yeast Bay – Dry Belgian Ale, 1.000 FG, “Light pepper, big pear-like ester, some white grape-like notes”, 54.5% popular vote for this variant.
2. Yeast Bay – Saison Blend I, 1.002 FG, “Light funk, earthy, light pepper, pleasant ester profile that’s not overly fruity”, 36.4% popular vote for this variant.
3. Lallemand/Danstar – Belle Saison (dry yeast), 1.000 FG, 9.1% popular vote for this variant.

Chad D. – Hibiscus Saison, Yeast Bay – Saison Blend I

Al – Belgian Blonde, ~30% wheat malt, 1.064 OG, Lallemand/Danstar – Belle Saison (dry yeast) pooped out around 76% app. attenuation, pitched WLP644 which fully attenuated the beer to 1.000.

Phil – English Barleywine with bourbon.

Chad U. – KBS 2nd runnings beer w/ Sumatra coffee and bourbon, 6% abv.

DavidThree Taverns Quasimodo – Belgian-style Quad

Nick R. – Quad, Yeast Bay – Dry Belgian Ale

DavidThree Taverns Theophan The Recluse – Belgian-style Russian Imperial Stout

Nick K.Brasserie De Blaugies/Hill Farmstead La Vermontoise – Saison

Nick K.The Alchemist Heady Topper – DIPA

Nick K.Fiddlehead Second Fiddle – DIPA

Nick R.Bell’s Neptune – Mystical Stout