February 2015

Attending – Nick R., Phil, Chris, Mead, Matt O., Kathy, David, Mike Z., Chad U., Tim, Kevin, Al, Ken, and Bri

Host Introduction

Owners Bob and Roger Bonga of Cascade Winery & Jaden James Brewery played host to the club on the eve of Winter Beer Festival 2015. David was gracious enough to bring a sampling of The Pit Stop’s exquisite BBQ offerings. Bob stopped by to welcome the club, gave us a quick overview of their history, and provided a preview of the special beers they had brewed for WBF. Meanwhile, Roger set up their nanobrewery system which he then displayed during our brief tour of their facilities. On our way back to the taproom to continue the meeting, several members perused the homebrewing and winemaking supply shop, of which they were previously unaware.

Club Business

1. Nick R. gave a brief club financial statement and a few ideas were tossed around on what the remaining 2015 funds might be used for. More on that soon.

2. Reminder of upcoming events & meetings:

* March 26th (7:00pm) – March Monthly Meeting at Ken & Bri’s
* April 9th (5:00-7:30pm) – Social Hour & Heavy Medal pub release
* April 18th (12:00-3:00pm) – GR Society of Homebrewers Bottle Raffle at The Mitten Brewing Co. This is a free event, but you must register in order to participate. Registration is limited to 70 people. Click here to register.
* April 23rd (7:00pm) – April Monthly Meeting at Kathy’s
* May 2nd (butt crack of dawn) – 3rd Annual Siciliano’s Big Brew at the Calder
* May 16th (12:00pm) – 12th Annual Siciliano’s Homebrew Party (note: get your tix starting Monday, March 23rd)

Beers and Mead Sampled

Nick R – Belgian Golden Strong Ale, yeast is Dry Belgian Ale from The Yeast Bay (may be similar to The Bruery’s house strain), 9.5% abv, 1.000 FG, ~30 IBU, carbed to 3.5 vol, similar to Duvel. Tasting notes: “excellent pear-like ester”, “very dry and quaffable”.

Phil – Belgian Golden Strong Ale w/ American & NZ hops, same yeast strain as Nick’s, 8.5% abv, 1.000 FG, ~32 IBU, carbed to 3 vol, Citra & Nelson Sauvin for whirlpool and dry hops. Tasting notes: “a lot more perceived bitterness than Nick’s”, “hop character changes the beer quite a bit”.

Ken – Pale Ale, his first beer with water adjustments (started with 50% softened and 50% RO). Tasting notes: “soft hop character”, “low to no astringency, nice”.

Mike Z.La Fin du Monde clone, WY3522 Belgian Ardennes, 1.016 FG, fermented at 68F. Tasting notes: “classic Ardennes character – slight bubblegum & some plum-like esters”, “not as dry as La Fin du Monde, but still very tasty”.

Al– TripAl, ~8% abv, pretty dark for a Tripel. Tasting notes: “dark sugar flavors”, “raisin”, “not too sweet”, “perhaps closer to Dubbel”.

Mead – IPA, ~6% abv, Cascade, Chinook, and Willamette. Tasting notes: “balanced, crisp, very enjoyable”.

David – Hoppy Pale Ale with a boatload of fresh picked hops. Tasting notes: “very smooth, no bitter bite at all”, “mellow”, “nice citrus-y and floral hop character”.

Matt O.Roggenbier, 55% rye malt, WLP300 Hefeweizen strain, ~5.5% abv. Tasting notes: “very good example of the style”, “wow, very nice”.

AlFraoch, ale brewed with heather tips, WY1728 Scottish. Tasting notes: “finally a real example of a Fraoch”, “doesn’t taste the least bit infected, unlike other examples I’ve had”.

Ken – Tripel. Tasting notes: “could be a touch drier”.

Al – Raisin Nut Brown, special B malt, raisins in secondary.

Chad U. – 2011 Cranberry Mead. Tasting notes: “good dry mead”, “a bit too tart”, “I prefer a little sweeter mead”, “fruit character is subtle and would likely come through more strongly with a bit of backsweetening”.

Matt O. – Eisbock, 1.086 OG, 1.022 FG, ~10.75% abv after freeze concentration (~8.5% prior). Tasting notes: “not overly boozy”, “a delicious malt bomb”, “gorgeous color”.

Nick R. – Belgian Quadruple with bourbon & oak. Tasting notes: “woooooooow, beer of the night”, “looking forward to this one maturing, but it’s excellent already”.

DavidBrouwerij Het Anker Gouden Carolous Cuvee van de Keizer Rood