December 2015

Attending – Hosts Ken & Bri, Phil, Nick Rod., Chad B., Steve, David, Matt O., Kathy, Chris D., Jeremy G., Chad U., Jason D., new members Rob & John, and guest/potential new member Jake

Club Business

1. Reminder of upcoming events & meetings:

* February 11th (5:30pm) – Happy Hour at Kitzingen Brewery
* February 23rd (6:30pm) – Monthly Meeting at Casa de Phiz

2. SMaSH Beer Club Competition! Bottle turn in on February 29th, 2016. Details and ground rules can be found in the post here –

Beers & Ciders Sampled

Matt O. – German Pils, triple decoction, YB Hessian Pils.

Nick Rod. – Table Saison, Pils LME + Beet Sugar, Amarillo & Hallertau Blanc, Belle Saison at 68F.

Nick Rod. – English Mild, 35% Pilot Malt PB Toast, no sparge, London Ale III.

Ken – Kolsch, WY2565 at 68F, group recommends cooler (58-60F) with that strain, or using S-23 or WLP029 in upper 60Fs, 5.1% abv.

Chad B. – Pale Ale (“Nookie”), 100% Michigan Chinook, US-05. Huge ruby red grapefruit and/or tangerine notes. Wow.

Chad U. – Pale Ale (same mash/boil with Chad B.), YB Vermont Ale (Conan). Hops didn’t stand out as much as Chad B’s.

Nick Rod. – Session Rye, 25% rye, 20% Crisp Caramalt, Nelson Sauvin & Hallertau Blanc, YB Vermont Ale (Conan), 4.5% abv.

Matt O. – Saison, WLP566 Saison II

David – Multigrain Red, 8 diff. grains, all Centennial, 4.8% abv.

Jeremy G. – Jolly Trolly brewed during Learn to Homebrew Day at Gravel Bottom, no spices used, ginger, Pilot Malt Sassafrass Smoked Malt.

John – Dubbel, Pils, aromatic, Special B, homemade candi sugar, coriander, WY3787.

Jake – Tripel, inspired by Final Absolution, T-58 at 65-70F.

Al – Tripel with Brett, oak, & bourbon, about 6 months of aging.

Ken – Citra Black, some “dank” from Columbus.

Steve – Citra Black

Al – CNPA, chocolate, PB2, dark grains added at vorlauf.

Al – CCNPA, same as above but with cacao nibs & amaretto.

John – Wee Heavy with Glenlivet soaked oak, Nottingham.

Ken – Wee Heavy brewed at 2015 Homebrewer’s United, aged in 2nd use Journeyman barrel, 11.5% abv, notes of coconut.

Phil – Kettle sour with raspberries.